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Thread: how do you make a Gunz account??

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    Default how do you make a Gunz account??

    i cant find the site to create my gunz acount to play the game can you help me?

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    Default Re: how do you make a Gunz account??
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    Default Re: how do you make a Gunz account??

    The actual international edition is the North America GunZ (yes they added european servers and added spanish and german language) because the previous one is closed since may 2009, the reason could be less support from them because a new GunZ will be released, GunZ: The Second Duel), I readen somewhere that it'll be in the end of this year (the date already moved, but they are still working on new things).

    So, the publisher is ijji ( ijji - Where Gamers Unite! ). In the right side, there is a box to sign in and just under you have Free Sign Up Now!. Sign up and then sign in after activation by e-mail. Now download the ijjiREACTOR, click Free Download. And now you have the ijjiREACTOR wich you can open, download and do other things in. Sign in and cchoose GunZ and download it.

    IMPORTANT: The download and the first game loading is very veeery veeeeeeery long

    Ask if you need also help for graphics, misc, styles, asf

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