• Tornis Wins GunZRPG Ladder Season 1!

    Congratulations to Tornis, he won $150 cash as our first winner of GunZRPG! The next top 5 players will receive a starting bonus of divinity for the next ladder season.

    Ladder Season 2 will begin in about a week. In the meantime, the game will remain online. When ladder season 2 officially starts, the top 100 ladder season 1 characters will be immortalized in the hall of heroes. Season 2 will have a ton of new features and changes, as well as more and bigger prizes!

    Congratulations again!
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    1. RicardoMartins's Avatar
      RicardoMartins -
      o.o ;
    1. [RuVe]'s Avatar
      [RuVe] -
      um top 5 duh heres my 150$?
    1. aimile's Avatar
      aimile -
      :O . . .
    1. ten's Avatar
      ten -
      Thanks. Awesome contest!
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      kongning2012 -
      very good!very good!